Professional services

  • Maintaining professional standards as per the code of ethics
  • Giving guidance on matters touching the probation profession
  • Sponsorship to courses and training on offer
  • Recognition of good performance

Welfare services

  • Ensuring safety of members at the work place
  • Sitting in disciplinary committees to ensure members receive a fair hearing
  • Humanitarian assistance to members affected by natural disasters, clashes and other humanitarian crises
  • Accidents, injuries and illness compensation up to a sum of kshs. 5,000 upon production of police abstract, treatment notes, supervising official letter and branch official's letter for consideration by NEC
  • Death and funeral expenses for members, that is, obituary advertising costs for 6.5 x 2 colour photograph on a national newsprint media, and Kshs. 30,000 to registered next of kin. (See Downloads for next of kin form).